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Our Origins

In the early 1960’s in the town of Iroquois and the surrounding rural area social activity was very limited.

However, there existed a group of young men who recently graduated from school and were working on their first job. With some money in their pockets their first objective was to purchase a means of transportation and in most cases it was an automobile, pick-up truck or motorcycle. This action spawned an ever increasing interest in all things mechanical, an interest that would live with them forever.

This group of young men were good friends and the comradeship grew over time. Most of their time when not at work was spent at the local meeting point (Chuck Bowden’s filling station in Iroquois). The discussion most times centred around automobiles and related mechanical items. There is no doubt that Hot Rod Magazine was the publication of the time and it was used as reference material for “building” our automobiles into the powerhouse machinery the likes of which the citizens of the area had never seen before. This horsepower and performance was demonstrated at all of the local drag racing events and we realized we should form a club to be recognized at all events.

In 1963 the Golden Gears Car Club was formed and a charter obtained and at the peak of activity it included approximately thirty five dedicated automobile enthusiasts which included five mechanics. Each member owned a car or several which included the following:

1964 Ford Thunderbolt 427 460 hp (limited production expressly for drag racing)
1964 Chevrolet 409 425 hp
Mopar Super D 500
1964 Chevy II 327 350 hp
1965 Chevy II Stock (record holder)
1956 Ford
Cooper “S” mini
1958 Chevrolet 348

All members drove these cars for transportation on a daily basis (except for the Thunderbolt) Meetings were conducted once per month in an orderly fashion with rules of conduct clearly demonstrated. Guest speakers were invited to meetings on a routine basis which included the Ontario Provincial Police and local Politicians.

Other activities included local parades and car shows. The Golden Gears patrolled the local highways and assisted motorists in need of help. They also assisted the local Police in patrolling for Halloween.

The relationship the Golden Gears had with the citizens of Iroquois and surrounding area was outstanding, our goal was to demonstrate character and how young people of the time should conduct themselves. The club disbanded in 1969 and was revived in 2012.

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