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Privacy and Terms of Use

Accuracy of Information

  1. Information on this site is frequently updated in an attempt to maintain content which is current.
  2. Site administrators apologize for minor errors or inaccuracies that may temporarily exist in the site content from time to time.
  3. Members are responsible for updating their own submissions to make corrections or maintain currency.
  4. We cannot guarantee currency or accuracy of content submitted by individual members.

Sharing of Personal Information

  1. Golden Gears Car Club respects the privacy and sharing preferences of their members.
  2. When filling out profiles, members should pay attention to the sharing options provided for each piece of information submitted.
  3. Members are expected to change the default sharing option if it does not match their preference.
  4. Submitted information is never shared with third parties or in contradiction to submitted preferences.

Email Addresses and Mailto Links

  1. This site makes every attmept to ensure email addresses and mailto links are resistant to spam harvesting through the use of javascript.
  2. We avoid storing complete email addresses in our database.
  3. We avoid the inclusion of complete email addresses in our server files including server-side script, client-side script, mark up language (static or generated).
  4. Email addresses appearing on viewers' display devices are generated on the spot by the JavaScript engine in their browser or viewing device.
  5. These techniques greatly reduce but may not eliminate automated email harvesting.
  6. Despite our best efforts we cannot totally control how users submit information. When submitting profiles, classifieds ads etc. please do not include email addresses in fields that do not specifically request them since such addresses may escape the spam resistant treatment. The system will safely add contact information where it is appropriate or required.

Forum Discussions

  1. Forums are for Golden Gears Car Club Members. Only members can post discussions or comment on them.
  2. Members are responsible for the accuracy, currency, and appropriateness of their own posts and comments.
  3. Information posted by members may be edited by site administrators.
  4. Our forum is designed not to accept posts or comments containing hypertext links, email addresses or Web site addresses. Any posts that circumvent the system to post these elements will be removed.
  5. Members may report inappropriate content by clicking a check box.
  6. Offensive or malicious content will be removed as soon as we become aware of it. We apologize for any delay in its removal.

Classified Ads

  1. Only members may post classified ads.
  2. Ads will be displayed to the public.
  3. Members are responsible for representing items for sale fairly and honestly.
  4. Our classified ads are strictly to facilitate contact. We do not participate in purchasing transactions or dispute resolutions.

Links to Other Web sites

  1. Links to other Web sites are provided for the convenience of the viewer only.
  2. Links to other sites are not an endorsement of information, services, or products offered on the sites.
  3. We are not responsible for accuracy or currency of content on linked sites.
  4. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, practices, functionality, or safety of any other Web site.

Linking to This Site

  1. Links to to our main Web pages are welcomed as long as the linking site in no way represents our content as their own. We appreciate and encourage the use of hyperlinked text that users use voluntarily when linking to our site.
  2. Hot linking, framing or any technique used to consume bandwidth or to represent our site content as your own are not permitted.
  3. Golden Gears Car Club may request removal of links to our site that we consider inappropriate or unrelated.
  4. Extraction of information from our database or text files that are not Web pages is not allowed.
  5. Authorization to connect to our database or extract information from it will not be granted.
  6. The Like and Tweet buttons are provided as a convenience to subscribers of these social network sites. We encourage their use.

Text and Images

  1. Intellectual properties including but not restricted to logos may not be downloaded, copied, or used for commercial gain or design.
  2. The use of material accompanied by copyright or trade-mark symbols is restricted as dictated by its owner. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the restrictions on protected material.
  3. All unmarked text and images on this site are the property of the site owner and may not be used without permission.
  4. Scripts used on the site are the property of the designer/developer or are used with the permission of the owner or original author.
  5. The use of script must meet the conditions of the owner or original author.
  6. None of the scripts on this site may be distributed or sold for financial gain.

Other Limitations on Use of Site

  1. We reserve the right to block selected IP addresses from use of the site due to malicious or offensive behaviour as described below.
  2. Users agree not to attempt unauthorized access to this site or any attached networking.
  3. Hacking, data or email harvesting and other activities intended to circumvent designed use or security are prohibited.
  4. Users agree not to use this site in any manner that could damage it or impair its use by others.

if you have any questions about use of this site or materials on it.

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